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On the day coordination

Our on the day co-ordinators are wedding professionals. They will make sure your day runs smoothly and put out any small spot fires along the way (usually without needing to even let you know of the issue). Our on the day co-ordinator packages vary but they are all very much led by you. We give you a set number of hours on the day and we will liase with you prior to the day to determine how this time will be spent.

Some duties could include:

  • Last minute errands on the day

  • Greeting guests

  • Setting up DIY items

  • Ensuring time line is adhered to

  • Confirming and liaising with other vendors in the lead up to your big day

  • Prepare master runsheet including venue and other vedor timelines

  • Ensuring suppliers and vendors arrive on time on the day and contacting them if required

  • Being a point of contact on the day so no vendors need to contact you.

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